Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver with Hematite Drops Clip-On Hoop Earrings

There are many threes. Some may say three stooges or three musketeers, but ai not nothing you understand me, however, three also stands for the three Civil Rights workers: Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner. A black, a Jew, and a white. The guys that got murdered in ’63, you understand with all the movie about Mississippi Burning and that, you know.Now we change to the ear. Left ear, I use four earrings. The four is symbolic of the four seasons, spring, winter, summer and autumn, the four directions, north, west, west and south, the four gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.Then you put the three and four together, it’s seven. It is seven times that Joshua marched around the walls of Jericho, Samson had seven locks of hair, for example seven braids, for example seven dreadlocks, there’s seven notes in a musical pub, there’s seven colours in the rainbow, God made heaven and earth in six days, he rested on the top, I’m the seventh son.The reason why I wear gold I wear gold for three reasons. One, when Jesus was born, three wise men came from the east, one attracted frankenscence, one brought myrrh, the other one attracted gold. The second reason I wear gold is I could manage it. The next reason I wear it, it is symbolic of my African American heritage. When my ancestors came from Africa, they were shackled by our throat, our wrists and also our ankles in metal chains. I have turned those steel chains into gold to signify the fact that I’m still a servant, just my price tag is greater.

Getting your ears pierced with a professional is the initial step to preventing infections or issues occurring. A piercing breaks through the natural barrier ( skin) and opens it up to invasion by bacteria, so care must be taken to minimize disease. The piercing ought to be done with sterile hygienic instruments.As the wound heals and the pierced hole is shaped, it’s important that routine cleaning and appropriate after-care is maintained. Many countries have specialist bodies which accredit practitioners of ear and body piercing. Employing a licensed practitioner will offer reassurance that the person knows proper hygienic methods of piercing.US Federal law and State law determine licensing requirements for their area. By Way of Example, a Board of Body Art Practitioners determines software in the State of Oregon. In US, the Association of Professional Piercers can advise on local licensing conditions. In UK the equal sector body is the British Body Piercing Association.Wearing rings for pierced ears is a lot less painful than sporting ones. But you must ensure that the piercing does not become infected or itchy. Preventing illness is about maintaining cleanliness and good hygiene and with proper care your piercing will be trouble-free. Unfortunately, you may find that good hygiene is insufficient. If you wear earrings you get irritated or itchy areas round the piercings. You may already know you’ve got sensitive skin, or this sensitivity could come as a complete surprise to you. However as soon as you know your allergic reaction, you may choose rings that don’t cause sensitivity induced swelling and itching.

When choosing jewelry to wear, there are so many things to take into account. Not only are you choosing which type of jewelry to purchase (modern, conventional, vintage-y), youre choosing a metal and which gemstones (if any) youd like. While the majority of these choices are best just left up to personal taste, buying rings can be a bit more complex. Many fashion experts would advise you to go ahead and choose any earrings you enjoy, but if you would like to ensure the earrings you wear will look the most flattering on you, its best to consider the design and form of the earrings, and how they look with your particular face shape. Use this manual to ascertain your face shape, and also how to choose the best rings for it.The earrings, why I wear earrings. I wear seven earrings. I wear three in my right ear. The three is symbolic of the father, the boy, and the holy ghost, the 3 wise guys, the three Hebrew boys–Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed’nego–the 3 parts of the afternoon, morning, noon, and night, the three days Jesus was in the grave, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the three graces, Religion, Hope, and Love, the three motions, slow motion, moderate motion and fast movement, water comes in three forms, you let it stay like it’s, it’s a liquid, if you slow down the down molecules, it becomes ice. Speed the molecules up, becomes steam. Notice that I’m referring to molecules, letting folks know that I am a little clever, science you know haha, I’m not one of those rumnum brothers I will lift 400 pounds, tell you my wide assortment of items you know, and the inscription written on Jesus’s mind when he died was written in three languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, it stated here lies the king of the Jews, Jesus was on the cross six hours, three hours in the afternoon, three hours at night…The three is also for the Civil Rights employees.

Even decked out in shimmering diamonds, a piece of jewelry should look light and effortless, not gaudy. Amfitheatrof brought up Jackie Kennedy, photographed crossing the street at a pair of jeans and T-shirt, a single glistening Tiffany bracelet onto her wrist.A History in Western Style.It was not before the glamorous post-World War II era that Tiffany became a cultural icon. Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and his spouse John B. Young, the group grew to be among the leading silver workshops on the planet. From the late 1800s, Tiffany brought marquee diamonds to Americacrown jewels from Europe and a huge yellow diamond from the Kimberley mines in South Africa. But when Marilyn Monroe staged the business name in her 1953 jazz hit Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend, the newest entered public consciousness in another way. The 1962 movie, Breakfast at Tiffanys, starring Audrey Hepburn as the captivating socialite Holly Golightly, made it stick. The nations tastemakers gravitated toward its layouts, and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Shrimpton, and Liza Minnelli flaunted its jewellery.Tiffany jewellery, in a lot of ways, has come to match the American look, said historian Rebecca Tuite, author of Seven Sisters Design: The All-American Preppy Appearance. The effortless, simple, comfy, separates dressing which emerged in the 1930s and 1940s has come to define American fashion. And since that time, whether it is the irreverent, flighty, and interesting designs of Jean Schlumberger, the delicate, sculptural types of Elsa Peretti, or the bold colourful statement pieces of Paloma Picasso, Tiffany has created some of the most iconic, complex, and somehow complementary accessories such as Americas frequently pared-down, simple, smart, and adaptable fashion style.

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver with Hematite Drops Clip-On Hoop Earrings Features:

Brand: Tiffany & Co.

Gender: Womens

Condition: Very Good (Scratches Throughout)

Metal: Sterling Silver

Stone: Hematite

Weight: 15.46 grams

Note: Includes Pouch