These 4 Dermatologist-Approved Tips Will Save Your Skin price This Summer

Even the most thoughtfully assembled skin-care routine is rarely a year-round winner. Shifts in humidity, arctic blasts of air, and brighter, longer days all play a part in the way your skin holds up. With summer officially here, now is the time to reevaluate your seasonal wardrobe from the neck up, with an eye toward maintaining–and protecting–which fair-weather glow. Here, dermatologist Anne Chapas, M.D., of Union Square Dermatology in Manhattan, lays out the critical points, from upping your antioxidants to double downing on cosmetic sunscreen.
Replace Heavy CreamsAs your cupboard leans toward linens and utter cottons, allow your own skin care follow suit. “It’s a time to lighten up,” says Chapas, who suggests trading richer lotions for featherlight lotions and dyes during the winter months. For normal to oily skin, she recommends SkinCeutical’s B5 gel:”It is hydrating without being occlusive.” If the skin skews dry, Cetaphil’s cult-classic facial cream delivers moisture in a summer-weight formula, adds Chapas.
Give Yourself a Vitamin C BoostLooking to get an extra layer of protection? “Vitamin C aids combat SPF rays that are not completely blocked by your own sunscreen,” Chapas explains, adding that she utilizes a serum fortified with all the antioxidant every day. Ole Henriken’s oil-free Truth Serum, with a fresh-squeezed citrus scent, helps promote collagen production. Clinique offers a vitamin C concentrate, Fresh Pressed, which can be blended into moisturizer to get a supercharged punch. And for a quick fix, Dr. Dennis Gross’s multitasking + Collagen Mist calls on a mix of vitamin C, amino acids, and antioxidants to help reestablish a dull complexion and shield skin from environmental aggressors.

Locate Your Sunscreen MatchA hyper-shiny glow frequently accompanies diligent sunscreen usage, but now there are formulations in just about every single texture, from dewy to matte. Chapas puts a word in for EltaMD’s UV Clear, which reduces shine and leaves no chalky white residue (a drawback to your all-mineral formulations ). Shiseido’s Urban Environment SPF is a ultra-light version that goes like a water-resistant veil and is certain to be a shore staple, although La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios SPF 50 primer creates a blank canvas for makeup. “It’s kind of like your lotion and your own sunscreen,” states Chapas. “And it’s mattifying, which means that you can wear it daily.” In any case, life–in the park, at the shore, between errands–is for the dwelling. If summertime leaves its mark, have a page from the dermatologist’s own skin-care routine. “I utilize a whole lot of lighteners” to keep hyperpigmentation and melasma at bay,” states Chapas, who is currently applying SkinMedica’s newest pigment-correcting serum on her face, neck, and torso. “This is something my patients are around in the summer since it doesn’t have retinol or cause skin sensitivity,” she says. Irritating formulas can set you up for a sunburn, she warns, therefore it’s best to put off any aggressive products. In the end, maintaining a low-key chill is your ideal prescription this year.