The Cartier Panther celebrates a century of life with a new collection of Cartier jewellery review

It is difficult to feel the Panther is celebrating a century of existence at Cartier. And also to mark its anniversary, Cartier has created an whole selection of fine jewellery committed to this most lovely cat.
The roots of the Panther As a result of her many looks over the last century, whether rapping precious stones, draped from wrists or pouncing across the street, the Panther is currently Cartier’s most iconic creature.
And Cartier was proven to create a stir, because it had been this maison specifically that attracted innovation and excitement to the early 20th century world of jewelry. Adding technical inventions, like the usage of fine platinum mounts to optimise the light throw out from precious stones, or simply by producing the world’s first wristwatch for its pilot Santos Dumont, Cartier was a precursor in several areas.
Before this age of international exploration and imagination, the jewelry industry has been conservative and depended upon replicating pieces in the past, to the Cartier family, especially third-generation Louis Cartier, retorted by seeking inspiration and imagination drawn from a fast expanding world. And needless to say, the exotic panther.


The Growth of the Panther
Following on in the 1914 panther-spotted Cartier view, a 1920s Cartier greeting card showcased the sleek profile of this feline in the toes of a girl draped in stones. Other stones comprising the Art Deco white and black areas of this panther gained fame, but the decisive panther moment arrived when Louis Cartier encouraged the unconventional and visionary designer Jeanne Toussaint to combine Cartier’s accessories section.
Toussaint, whose nickname was”that the panther”, pushed the bounds of style, eschewed nostalgic pastiches and adopted new and strong symbols, colors and inspirations. Toussaint had made several panther items for himself, such as a cigarette case adorned with its own form, but she had a hunch that her cherished bejewelled panther would catch the hearts of a courageous new bunch of girls, prepared to defy convention. Therefore the cat has been unleashed.
In 1948, the tasteful feline made her introduction one of the beau monde, on the lapel of none aside from the Duchess of Windsor, personality goddess of this era. Totally formed, the royal gold panther emerged with black enamel stains, luxuriantly stretched on top of a golf-ball-sized 90 carat emerald cabochon brooch. Panther mania has been reprinted.

Cartier Panther brooch

The next year, Daisy Fellowes, the rich editor of Harper’s Bazaar at Paris, purchased a . This time the diamond and platinum cat was showcased with a snarl as she maintained possession of her 152 carat sapphire ball. This beautiful brooch turned into a metaphor for its brand new postwar era and women’s growing independence. So groundbreaking was that the Cartier brooch it had been clarified by a journalist of the time as”an atomic bomb” sitting at Cartier’s store window.
Within her limber limbs and ideal proportions, the Cartier Panther conveys tasteful defiance because she pads graciously throughout the decades. Little details alter to reflect the manner of the times – at the 1940s that the panther was quite lifelike and crazy while at the 1950s she became even playful.
To celebrate 100 decades of presence, Cartier brings us a fresh assortment of Panther stone that catch the many moods, elegance and poses of the feline, place for eternity in precious metal and stones.