Cartier’s Debuts New Space-Inspired Collection jewelry

A bit of jewelry from Cartier is obviously special; a limited-edition set is out-of-this world exciting.
So that it is only fitting that Cartier’s latest collection — Les Galaxies de Cartier– was indeed inspired by the marvels of the cosmos. The only location in North America where it’s readily available for buy our website.
As Cartier clarifies the group,”It isn’t about a destination, or conquest, but a discovery of this tension between earth and heaven, the infinitely big compared with the infinitely little. The universe offers Cartier the total dream of its own colour, movement, nuclear phenomena, and its own contaminants .”
The collections includes four separate designs –“The Alignment of the Planets,””Fracteal Meteor,””The planet’s Lights” and”Trembling Stars”– with a number of distinct pieces within them, including bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, a handbag, and even a clock. Each piece is created from only the best materials like Tahitian pearls, yellow sapphires and metaquartzite, a metamorphic rock that is used for the very first time in Cartier jewelry.

Cartier jewelry

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